Here is a gallery collection of some of my photo stories and documentary projects.

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ETH Zurich's Varileg exoskeleton gives paraplegics hope to walk again

Zurich, Switzerland - September, 2016: Supported by a team of bioengineers, paraplegic Werner Witschi takes a walk at the research lab of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He can do so by wearing 'Varileg', the prototype of an electrically powered exoskeleton that has been developed by researchers of the university. The exoskeleton is buckled on and provides the paraplegic pilot with a supporting structure and electric motors to move and control both legs. This photo story is covering a training session at the research lab of ETH and moments from the construction of Varileg. (Pictures are available for exclusive licensing via Getty Images)


Lausanne neuroscientists train for Cybathlon BCI (Brain Computer Interface) race

Lausanne, Switzerland - May, 2016: "Cybathlon", the first championship for athletes with disabilities will take place in October 2016 and brings together teams of engineers, scientists and disabled people for a competition in which athletes with disabilities solve everyday tasks with the help of innovative technology developed by their teams. One of the disciplines is "BCI" (Brain Computer Interface), a technology that aims to allow people with limited mobility or completely paralyzed patients to increase their independence. For Cybathlon, the pilot is maneuvering an avatar through a computer game - controlled just with his thoughs. For this photo story, I had the chance to watch a training session at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
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NetGame Convention

Thun, Switzerland - December, 2015: More than 1000 computer game enthusiasts from all over Switzerland gathered at Thun's expo centre for the 20th anniversary of the NetGame Convention, Switzerland's largest and oldest LAN party. For 3 days and nights, competing fans and clans were busy playing tournaments in CS:GO, Age of Empires, Minecraft and many more.
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Hergiswil, Switzerland - October, 2015: Since 1817, glass blowers are producing glass in the glass factory at Hergiswil, Switzerland, in a very traditional, artisanal way: after heating the glass in the open fire of the furnace, skilled craftsmen take the red-hot glowing mass of melted glass out of the oven, blow it, cast it and repeat the process rhythmically as the final product gradually emerges.
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Retired Supersonic Birds

Sinsheim, Germany - July, 2015: Packed with icons of high tech and featuring both a Concorde and a Russian Tupolev Tu-144 supersonic passenger aircraft, the museum for technology in Sinsheim/Germany ("Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim") attracts more than 1 million visitors per year. But when the lights go off in the evening, the discarded aircrafts, dimly illuminated on top of the exhibition halls, cast a shadow of impermanence onto the dismal industrial area around the museum - and yesterday's proud milestones of technology turn into morbid monuments of transience. (Pictures are available for licensing via Alamy)


Tamedia Newspaper Printing Plant

Zurich, Switzerland - March, 2015: Every week, about ten million daily and weekly newspapers as well as various advertising material are produced, packaged and shipped at the central printing plant of Tamedia in Zurich. The company's facility, where also Zurich's "Tagesanzeiger", "20 Minuten" and "Sonntagszeitung" are produced, is Switzerland's largest newspaper printing plant.
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Airbus A320 Simulator

Kloten, Switzerland - September, 2014: This Airbus A320 cockpit looks like the real thing and feels like the real thing, nevertheless it'll never leave the ground of the Operations Centre in Zurich Kloten airport, where "" operates this high-end professional fixed-based flight simulator that is mostly used for the training of airline pilots on the complex systems of the A320. On a smooth flight from Zurich to Frankfurt, I had the unique opportunity to have a look over the pilot's shoulder.
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ZAI Ski Manufacture

Disentis, Switzerland - February, 2014: The small mountain village of Disentis in the Swiss alps is home of the ski manufacture of ZAI, origin of what is probably one of the world's most exclusive luxury ski. Together with a dozen employees, Simon Jacomet, ski designer and founder of ZAI, strives for creating the perfect ski: handmade from exclusive high-tech materials, using traditional craftsmanship as well as passion for quality and detail. Only around 800 pairs of ZAI ski are built per year to be sold to ski enthusiasts who share the passion for the perfect ski and can afford the up to 8500$ for ZAI's top-of-the-line model. (Pictures are available for exclusive licensing via Getty Images)


Maintenance Garage of Zurich's Public Transportation Services

Zurich, Switzerland - February, 2014: In the central maintenance garage of Zurich's public transportation services (VBZ - Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich), all standard maintenance, modifications and repair jobs for a fleet of more than 300 tramway trains, 250 buses and other vehicles is carried out. On its city bus and railway network, VBZ carries almost 320 million passengers and covers a total distance of 31 million kilometres per year.
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The Making of Solar Impulse 2 (SI2)

Dubendorf, Switzerland - January 29, 2014: The solar powered aircraft "Solar Impulse 2" (SI2), a spectacular milestone in civil aviation under construction in a hangar in Duebendorf near Zurich, Switzerland. The hi-tech aircraft with a ultra light-weight carbon fibre structure and an impressive wingspan of 72 metres (more than an Airbus A380) is covered with more than 17'000 solar cells. Swiss aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are planning to fly the aircraft around the world in 2015 - powered only by solar energy.
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Zurich, Switzerland - June 21, 2013: A "celebrity photo shooting" with ROBOY, a humanoid robot developed by the University of Zurich's Artificial Intelligence Lab (AI-Lab). ROBOY is the prototype of a next generation humanoid robot that uses tendons and a skeleton like structure for moving body parts. By using rapid prototyping and 3D-printing technology, it has been developed within only 9 months.
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Art Basel

Basel, Switzerland - June 2013 - 2016: A collection of photographs from the annual Art Basel show, one of the world's largest and most spectacular gatherings for contemporary and modern art. With several hundreds of galleries showing works from several thousands of artists, Art Basel (with it's offshoots in Hong Kong and Miami) is one of the most important modern art gatherings of it's kind. In 2015, the show attracted 98,000 visitors from all over the world - both private art enthusiasts, professionals from the art business and art investors.
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Skyguide Air Traffic Control Center

Zurich, Switzerland - June 7, 2013: Skyguide (Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd.) is Switzerland's air navigation service provider responsible for monitoring and managing the Swiss airspace. In 2012, it managed more than 1.4 million aircraft movements. The documentary shows the work at skyguide's air traffic control center in Duebendorf (near Zurich) and the control tower of Zurich Kloten international airport.
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Zurich Motorshow

Zurich, Switzerland - November 1, 2013: When "Auto Zurich Car Show", Switzerland's largest motor show comes to town, it regularly attracts around 60'000 visitors who stroll the exhibition halls at Zurich Messe to marvel at the newest exclusive luxury and supersports car models from all over the world.
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Lockheed Super Constellation is being readied for the airshow season

Zurich, Switzerland - March 5, 2013: The Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft "HB-RSC" of Swiss Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) during maintenance in a hangar in Zurich/Kloten. SCFA, a Swiss non-profit organization owns and operates HB-RSC, one of only two existing "Super Connies" worldwide that are able to fly and the only one that is still admitted for passengers flights. Built in 1955, the aircraft is an always welcome guest on airshows and some flight enthusiasts even consider the Super Constellation the most beautiful passenger aircraft ever built.
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Swiss postal service mail distribution center in Zurich-Mulligen

Zurich, Switzerland - October 5, 2012: On an area of 70'000 square meters, Swiss postal service is processing the majority of 15 million letters per day in Zurich-Mulligen, the largest of three mail sorting section hubs in Switzerland. Although the whole process is highly automated, some manual work is still required for special mail items. (Pictures are available for exclusive licensing via Getty Images)


Swiss Chocolate Production at Lindt & Sprüngli

Zurich, Switzerland - September 28, 2012: A visit to the chocolate factory of Lindt & Sprüngli in Zurich/Kilchberg where the famous Swiss chocolate and candies are manufactured. The publicly listed Swiss company which is recognized as a market leader for premium quality chocolate is operating six production sites in Europe, two in the USA and is offering its sweet products in more than 100 countries around the world.
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Sports Collection 1: Athletics

Zurich, Switzerland - 2013-2015: This collection contains sports pictures from international athletics events like the IAAF Diamong League athletics meeting 'Weltklasse Zurich' that I'm covering regularly since 2013.
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Sports Collection 2: FMX & Other Freestyle Sports Events

Zurich, Switzerland - 2013-2015: Various pictures from several freestyle sports events covered between 2013 and 2015, like e.g '', Europe's largest freestyle contest for FMX, freestyle MTB, freeski and snowboard at Zurich's Landwiese, or the 2015 'Masters of Dirt' FMX event at Zurich Hallenstadion.
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Chicago Street Photography

Chicago/IL, USA - 1996/1997: Back in the 90ties, during my time as exchange student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), I took regular trips to Chicago to immerse myself in the "windy city" and take pictures of what happened around me in the streets. Only much later, I learned that there was an actual name for this photographic genre: "Street Photography". More than 15 years after taking these pictures, I finally managed to get the original black-and-white negatives scanned and transferred into the digital age.
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Photo Essay: Where Jazz Comes Alive

Urbana-Champaign/IL, USA - Spring 1997: This photo essay about the work of the University of Illinois big band was my semester project for "223 Photojournalism", a class of the UIUC's department of journalism that I took during my university year abroad as exchange student in the US. A big thank-you again to my professor Brian K. Johnson for letting me (a physics student...) into his course. This class laid the foundation for my career as photographer. In fact it kicked off everything...